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I’m not dead..just busy. November 28, 2006

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I’m still here, really!  I’ve been watching TV but with school and now the holidays going on I’ve been SUPER busy..I just haven’t had time to blog about TV.. I’m lucky to have time to watch TV let alone blog about it.

BUT, with that being said I do have a complaint that I’m sure no one in power will hear, but I’m going to voice it anyway….WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH ALL THE EARLY CHRISTMAS EPISODES??  It seems that every show is having their Christmas episode early this year.  A Charlie Brown Christmas was on tonight, IT’S NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET, FOLKS!!!! I ask you, WHAT.THE.HELL???  It totally sucks the anticipation of Christmas right off the TV.  I remember as kids, my sister and I would wait until Christmas Eve; all the  best Christmas specials came on then; Frosty, Rudolph, Garfield, Charlie Brown.  It was excellent! And not just one channel would run them, but all three networks had Christmas specials, the whole week leading up to Christmas…Now, now we’re getting them out of the way early so that we can show, what? Reruns?

Desperate housewives had a semi-holiday episode and next week’s is suppose to be their holiday episode of the season? I just don’t get it.  It makes me cranky, to be honest.


Sara and Peter ‘peter’ Out of The Race October 23, 2006

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YAY! All together now…”HOORAY! HOORAY! IT’S TIME TO SAY HOORAY HOORAY!”….ok, I’ve been listening to too much Baby TV.  Anyway, Peter and Sara finally got eliminated from the race.  I didn’t like to see Sara go, but thankyajeezus for getting rid of Peter.  Did anyone else notice that Sara did all the physical road blocks and Peter did the easy ones and then usually chose the easier of the detours?  Yeah, I’m glad he’s gone.  And the Cho brothers are the best team EVER! That was so nice that they faked everyone out about the Fast Forward so that Kentucky had a chance! And yay Kentucky came in first! They probably won’t win, but I do like ’em! 🙂

There is a recap/review of Housewives at The Remote, go over there and read it, it’s one of my better ones I think!

Brothers & Sisters; Oh Nora is great! I love Sally Field, she’s so good at what she does.  The dinner scene with Johnathan was great!  And yay! She has a date, that always makes for good storylines, widow(er) decides to start dating again…it makes for good TV.
Ok, what was Kitty thinking? There is something there with the Democrat Guy (yeah, too many characters) to ask him to double date with her and Johnathan? Weird!
And all I want to know is, where did Dad put all that money?  I bet there is an account somewhere with the millions in it, or Dad went to the track a few too many times.


What happens when you miss just one night on the TiVo? October 20, 2006

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You mess up your entire TV schedule.  I think I watched Monday shows on Tuesday and one Tuesday show (Gilmore Girls) and then Wednesday was dedicated to all of Tuesday’s shows, Thursday we finished watching Weds shows (luckily Weds is our slimmest day) and tonight we’ll finish Thursday’s shows and then MAYBE watch Friday’s shows…..I really watch too much TV.  But it’s free entertainment, who can beat free*??

So let’s see, I read on ‘The Remote’ that 30 Rock and 20 Good Years aren’t doing so hot in the ratings, surprised? Not me…..30 Rock sucks, so why even stick around for 20 Good Years?  Even though I LOVE 20 GYs….I can see it getting cancelled.  NBC really needs to broaden their horizions when it comes to show types.  They are sticking to the stupid comedies and law dramas, granted this season they finally got out of their law and doctor drama rut and found Studio 60 and Friday Night Lights but still….they need people who actually WATCH TV choosing shows and not some suits who read focus group reports.  NBC used to be THE Network, then CBS stole that from them and now ABC is starting to steal the spotlight from CBS.  There have been times when I forget that NBC even exists….sad.

So hopefully this weekend I’ll get caught up on the TiVo and get my schoolwork done and won’t have to disappear for a week to finish my final project.  I’ll post when something relevant happens on TV…..maybe….if I get to see it happen, that is.

*yes, I know that TV isn’t really FREE, we pay a sattellite bill, but at least we aren’t charged per hour….damn THAT would be a big bill!


Sunday and Monday all rolled into one! October 16, 2006

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The Amazing Race- Peter, oh poor little Peter….The man who makes me want to hurl my shoe at the TV when he’s on there whining or screaming at poor Sara about something or another “YOU CAN DO IT! RUN SARA!” Blah, blah, blah….. He’s an ass, we’ve figured that out.  I’m glad that Kentucky didn’t get eliminated, but I’m sure that’s going to happen next week.  I just hope the ‘recovering addicts/models’ get eliminated next…they’re annoying me.  And soon I’ll be breaking out the tequilia and everytime they say “We’re recovering addicts” I’m going to drink a shot.  I should be good and sloshed by the pit stop.

Brothers & Sisters- I am just so in love with this show….I think I’m going to create my own category of shows, the ones that I love so much that the kids must be quiet, no one should talk to me or try to get my attention while ‘My Stories’ are on…included in this category are; Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy and now Brothers & Sisters.  It’s an excellent show! Go watch it! NOW!…well maybe not now, but soon!


How I Met Your Mother- OMG! How funny was it that Lilly and Barney were living together? HA! That was sooo funny! And Marshall’s ‘bro’ dating…heeee! I giggled more than I ever have through this show! Great episode.

The Class- Well, well, well…little Richie is married it seems!  Very interesting!  And who, by a show of hands, believe that the snarky girl will resent the bambi dude once she toughens him up…….after they start dating of course. yeah, me too.

Houswives update over that The Remote…go there, read and read the other stuff there, there is a ton of good info over there, I read it everyday! 😉 


30 Rock = Lead Balloon? October 12, 2006

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Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I was so unimpressed with ’30 Rock’ that I am going to take it off the TiVo.  It didn’t interest me in any way, shape or form.  It is one of those shows that touts big names, but little thought into the writing.  I just didn’t care for it.  Then again, I don’t like the ‘stupid comedy’ type shows.  ‘Scrubs’ didn’t interest me when I saw the first episode (although I did watch an episode or two last season and it was OK, not as bad as some other shows, but I still have too much to watch during that time slot), I don’t like the newer SNL’s either, so that’s probably why I don’t like 30 Rock.  But I really think it just bombed last night.  I read all the reviews and how hilarious 30 Rock was going to be, but it just didn’t deliver. 

Now, Twenty Good Years…THAT was funny! Jeffery Tambor and John Lithgow have great chemistry, and the writing was excellent, the cast was perfect, and it was just an all around good show! That one is staying on the TiVo.

So, was anyone else disappointed with 30 Rock?  I did think it was very weird that NBC has two shows that are about SNL-like shows and the writers and producers of the show…very weird indeed, and they both premiered the same season….Hmmmmmmm…..


Sunday TV ROCKS and Some News October 9, 2006

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The Amazing Race was great last night!  I really think that Sara has had it with Peter and is about over him being a jackass, I can’t say I blame her.  When I first said aloud “That Peter dude is an ASS!” my husband was shocked and asked why I thought that….Last night, however he said aloud “Wow! He really is an asshole!”  Yes, my friends…Dr. Peter is an asshole, it’s offical, I think so, my husband thinks so, and I’m pretty sure Dr. Peter’s own girldfriend even thinks so.  I would really like to see him get off his ass and do a road block that requires skill and strength, I’m sure I could make fun of him for HOURS!

I was sorry to see T n T go, but really they broke down and just fell apart.  I’m a little sick of the beauty queens though, I was digging them last week, but this week they’re just annoying.  And weren’t they suppose to have their clue, all parts of it, when they cross the pit stop or they’re docked 30 minutes?  They weren’t docked, or maybe they were and it was edited out, it looked like T n T came in HOURS after the girls did.

Desperate Housewives was GREAT last night!  Go on over to Pass The Remote and read it, it’s worth it, really.

Brothers & Sisters was AWESOME, it was just beautiful when Nora announced to the entire party that she knew her husband’s mistress was in their presence and that she lived in a house that Nora’s late husband bought and paid for.  I smiled the entire time through that scene.  I am really digging this show and am so glad that I caught it early, have seen it from the start AND it’s popular…for once I picked the right show….Now, why didn’t ‘Heroes’ intrest me at all and it’s soooo popular?  I don’t get it, it sounds sooooo stupid to me, but it’s one of the more popular shows…how weird.

Now, on to the editorial part…’Smith’ has been cancelled by CBS.  I can’t say that I’m surprised, it was pretty boring and stupid and I couldn’t get into really caring about any of the characters….besides it just clears up one more time spot on the TiVo, right?  But every time that a show gets cancelled I feel bad for the actors and for the crew and the folks who enjoyed the show.  We have been victims of early cancellation before and it just SUCKS to really get into a show and then have some execs pull it off the schedule and never see it again…it’s almost as if it never existed.  But then again, that’s show business right?  Now, I hope that some more shows fall quickly, that way I can’t get attached to them too much before they get the axe.


TV Wrap-up October 3, 2006

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Well, let’s see….I missed 15 minutes in the middle of ‘The Amazing Race’ because of stupid football, or baseball or whatever stupid sport was on…HELLOOOO doesn’t everyone in the free world have cable or sattelite now, and don’t we all have like 597,000 channels, and aren’t like 38 of those sports channels and CAN’T THEY JUST TELEVISE THAT SHIT OVER THERE???  Ok, that’s off my chest….now on to other things like…..Duke and Lauren were kicked off ‘The Race’….I didn’t really care too much, I don’t pay attention to them much.  All I’m concerned with is David and Mary and Terry and Tom (or is it Tim? It’s T & T)…so there’s my ‘Race’ recap

Without a Trace was actually pretty good, I thought it would be stupid and cheesy, but it wasn’t all that stupid nor cheesy.  Another great episode! And how funny is it that CBS Sunday is ‘Race’, ‘Case’, and ‘Trace’…did they do that on purpose? ‘Cause it’s cute.

 Monday’s ‘The Class’ was actually really funny!  It was slow to start but really it’s just gotten better and better with each episode.  If you watched the premiere then just stopped, pick back up, it’s getting pretty damn funny with each episode!  I don’t want it to end, so please, watch it!

There’s a review of tonight’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ over at Pass The Remote if you’re interested! 🙂  Oh yeah and I sort of ripped into Desperate Housewives over there too.